Angels Poem

I watch you from a secret place
Sometimes you can feel my presence
Even though you can not see me
Remember that I’m always there
I am part of you and will always be
I feel your joy, pain, and sorrow
So many times I want to hold you close
I want you to know that you can always trust me
I have kept all your secrets
Never will I go against you
For you are very special to me
As I, to you
You never talk to me, which makes me sad
Sometimes I wonder if you believe in me
Don’t you know who I am
I am an Angel, your Angel
And I will always be
I was yours from the day you were born
And until the day you die
I want to protect you
But there is so much I can not do
So make sure you make the right choices
For I would hate for you to join me to early
I am your Angel, always watching over you